In a few short words, a VoIP phone service is a type of telephone service that relies on an Internet connection to support phone calls. You might think that you have never used a VoIP service, however, the fact of the matter is that, in all probability, you have. If you have ever used Skype to make a call to a landline, then you have used VoIP.

VoIP just means Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is really geek-speak for making calls through the Internet. In the past, phone companies had to rely on cable connection to connect people. Now, all that is needed is an Internet connection and a VoIP service provided.

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If you live in the United States, one of the more well-known companies to provide VoIP are Ooma and Magic Jack. IF you are an Ooma subscriber, you can all another Ooma subscriber for free. Similarly, if you are a Magic Jack subscriber, you can get the same free service, that is, if you call another MagicJack phone number.

If you constantly get hypertension from your telephone bills, it might be time to switch to a VoIP phone service. Just make sure to be with the same company as your family and friends. Remember, every time you call an analog phone, a mobile phone, or another VoIP phone number that is not your company’s., you are going to get charged for it. Thankfully, the cost of calls have gone down substantially within the last few years so your telephone bill should not be too expensive, at least it will not be as expensive compared to the time when people used analog phones.

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If you are a business that needs to make phone calls to customers, you definitely should use a VoIP service. As we said, even though you need to pay to make a non-network call, the cost is still cheap. Ooma, in particular, has a package that is made specifically for businesses. You might want to give them a call now and ask about their packages.

Of course, Ooma is NOT The only VoIP service there is. If you live in a large city like Los Angeles, there should be other companies out there that specialize in internet phone services. You can easily find them by doing a local search on the Internet by typing in “VoIP service” plus the name of your local area on Google.

What you want to do is to get information from at least three companies by asking for a quote or a brochure on their services. Take note, though, that even though these companies the same type of service, they actually differ in the quality of their service. That said, aside from getting information, you will also want to test the quality of the calls provided by each VoIP. Is it crystal clear that you can hear only the voice of the other person, even when he’s on the subway at rush hour?