If you want to get the best internet phone service for home, you should know that you actually have several alternatives if you live in the United States. In this article, we are going to walk you through some of the more well-known names in Internet phone service.

You can very well say that there is an existing trinity of Internet phone providers – Ooma, Vonage, and MagicJack. But these are really the top three big ones in the industry. If you dig a little closer, you will see that there are many other smaller companies that operate within a state, and not nationwide. Anyway, these Internet phone providers are more accurately called Voice-Over Internet Protocol or VoIP providers. They first became popular in early 2000 with MagicJack.

Best Online Phone Provider For Home

At the time when smartphone voice and video call apps were not widely used, they served a very real purpose, that of connecting family members to each other through voice calls. VoIP services definitely eliminated the need for expensive long-distance calls. When they were first launched, subscribers bought two telephone units and placed one at home and sent the other one to a relative in their home country. Subscribers only paid a fixed fee, which was $50 per month at the time and makes unlimited phone calls to the other phone.

The Need Of High Quality Online Landline Phone Providers

Right now the cost of VoIP services has definitely gone down. This is mainly because of the widespread use of smartphone apps that allow people to call family and friends without paying a monthly subscription. Of course, the widespread use of the apps has not totally eliminated the need for voice-only Internet phone services.

There are times when a person needs to have a landline at home in order to qualify for something. While you can always get a regular landline, VoIP services have proven themselves to be much better in terms of call quality, which is HP, and cost.

Learn about VoIP service for your homeGetting A Phone Over Internet Service System For Your Home

We mentioned before that the Internet phone industry started with MagicJack, however, competition was quick to follow in the form of Ooma and Vonage. Do you need a telephone number at home? Get a VoIP service. But which brand do you use?

Well, that really depends on you. What we are finding with these services is that they offer more or less the same thing, and there are only slight differences between them, like connectivity to other types of technology. How do they work?

When you subscribe to their service, you will be sent a telephone unit that you need to plugin to your main Internet connection, NOT to your WiFi adaptor. Don’t worry, it is not complicated at all as the phone units are plug-and-play devices. So, you just plug and you can start calling. You can call other subscribers of the same service for free 100%.

Of course, if you are not so confident about your ability to handle technology, you can always ask the VoIP company to do the installation for you.